Nattokinase Manga has been released.

Nattokinase manga, "Power of Nattokinase" has been released by Biken Guide Sha Corporation.
This JNKA approved manga was published aiming to gain recognition of nattokinase worldwide. It mainly describes how nattokinase works inside
our body by illustration and also explains the effects, safety etc. We supported publishing this manga and we will keep giving support for enlightenment activities for nattokinase.

This is not commercially available. If you are interested in this manga,
please contact JNKA.


CAUTION: Counterfeit Raw Materials
  - For manufacturers -

As addressed last time, the issue of counterfeit products has been
becoming more serious around the world. Those counterfeit nattokinase products tends to be made from counterfeit nattokinase raw material
and some of the manufacturers are not even aware the raw material is counterfeit; therefore we would like to focus on the raw material this

The chart below shows the result of IBox test* done to several raw materials of nattokinase produced in Taiwan, Korea and the United
States. As you can see, they are ALL counterfeit.
Those materials were also examined for VK2 content and it has been
found out that some of them contained far lot more than 0.1ppm, the standard value for raw material we recommend. Thus you can tell these
raw materials are not safe at all even though they claim to be

We will keep transmitting information about counterfeit products so that
you can identify and choose the real and safe nattokinase materials.

*The simple differentiating method (For more details, refer to


 Counterfeit product in Europe

It has come to our attention that the issue of counterfeit products has been becoming more serious around the world. Japan NattoKinase Association will give out information about such counterfeit products so that the consumers can choose the genuine and safe products.

Counterfeit Product - Case Example -
Here is one example of a counterfeit product.
This is sold as a nattokinase supplement in Europe although it does NOT contain nattokinase according to our analysis. The details are as follows.

«Product Details»
Product Name: Nattokinase
Manufacturer: fairvital b.v.
Nattokinase Content shown on the label: 100mg/ 2 capsules (Activity of 2,000FU)
The products examined:
・Lot No. 7920716 (Exp. Date 04. 2013)
・Lot No. 7920707 (Exp. Date 08. 2013)
・Lot No. 7920707 (Exp. Date 01. 2014)
・Lot No. 7920907 (Exp. Date 11. 2013)

«Analysis Results»
All these products contained an enzyme DIFFERENT FROM NATTOKINASE.

From the perspective of safety, JNKA strongly recommends to avoid counterfeit products to protect the consumers’ health.

Please choose the products with JNKA mark which shows the proven safety. In Europe, the only Nattokinase product distinguished with this mark is “Nattoplasmin®” by Dr. Hittich Gesundheitsmittel which is being marketed for German speaking consumers.


English website is launched.

Janan NattoKinase Association has launched the English website.
We will keep enhancing this website and putting out useful information for you.