JNKA Mark (Accreditation Mark)

“JNKA Mark” is an accreditation mark that certifies that the product has met the standard set by JNKA. To label the JNKA Mark on the product, a member needs to submit the product to JNKA that determines if the product meets the standard. The accredited product can have the JNKA Mark with the statement explaining the accreditation.

Standard Criteria
1. The product contains products of Bacillus subtilis natto.
2. The activity of Nattokinase in the product is more than 2000FU/day.
3. The Nattokinase activity is represented by FU.
4. Nattokinase contained in the product has evidence of safety.

Bacillus natto(Bacillus subtilis natto
Standard Criteria
1. The product contains Bacillus natto that is traditionally used for food and medicine.
2.The number of Bacillus natto in the product is 2.5×108 /day.
3. The safety of Bacillus natto contained in the product is evidenced.

Labeling & Expressions

  • The basic size of the JNKA Mark for Nattokinase: 20mm in diameter.
  • The basic size of the JNKA Mark for Bacillus natto: 20mm in height.
  • “JNKA” is an abbreviation of “Japan NattoKinase Association”
  • Use the logo mark created by JNKA when printing and labeling.
  • • The statement on the JNKA Mark should use the following sentence.


“The use of JNKA Mark is authorized ONLY for those products that have met the strict standard criteria set by JNKA”

  • Applications
    ・Testing Request Form ・Sample(Product Amount more than 100g)
    *The JNKA membership is required for the application.
  • Testing Fee
    JPY130,000/ product(Including Testing Fee and Labeling JNKA Mark)
  • Application Period
    About 2 months.  *Please contact us if you are in hurry.
  • Validity period of JNKA Mark
    For 1 Year.(A member is required to apply again before the end of the validity date to renew.)
  • Location for Application Submission
    Japan NattoKinase Association Secretariat
    12-2-6 Kandahigashimatsushitachou,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0042 JAPAN
    Tel +81 3-3258-6120 Fax +81 3-3258-6621